Carly Pearce On Her HUGE Year and “29: Written In Stone”

Carly Pearce, a rising star in the country music scene, has had an incredible year. From releasing her album “29: Written In Stone” to achieving major milestones in her career, Carly has proven herself as an artist to watch. In an interview with Country Heat Weekly, she reflects on her journey and what lies ahead.

Finding Her True Self

Carly Pearce acknowledges that 2021 has been a whirlwind of events for her. She didn’t anticipate the level of success she achieved and is still processing it all. What started as an album created for personal healing and survival turned into a transformative experience. Through “29: Written In Stone,” her third record, Carly honed in on her artistic vision and discovered her true identity as an artist and as a woman. The album not only connected with fans but also earned her numerous awards, performances at the Opry, and successful tours. Beyond the external achievements, Carly emphasizes the internal growth and positive impact it has had on her as an individual.

Pressure and Confidence in 2022

With the immense success of 2021, Carly feels the pressure to live up to the expectations in the following year. However, she is determined to continue raising the bar and evolving as an artist. She has learned that people resonate with her authentic storytelling and appreciate her vulnerability. Carly aims to stay true to herself and maintain the confidence she gained through personal challenges. By owning her truth and connecting with her audience, she believes she can navigate the highs and lows of her career with grace and authenticity.

The Power of Authenticity

Carly Pearce emphasizes the importance of being genuine in both her music and her presence on social media. She wants young girls and her fans to understand that the polished images they see in magazines are not the complete reality. Carly aims to show her true self, without filters or illusions, in order to inspire others to embrace their own authenticity. She appreciates the influence and impact of artists like Dolly Parton, who humanized the glamorous facade of the music industry. Carly wants her fans to know that behind the stage makeup and styled hair, she is just like them—a regular person on a journey of self-discovery.

Headlining the 29 Tour

Carly Pearce is excited about headlining the 29 Tour, which resumes in March. She acknowledges the hard work it entails but is grateful for the opportunity. As the opening act for various major tours in the past, Carly has often played to audiences who may not align with her music’s emotional depth. However, with her headlining shows, Carly anticipates a different experience. She looks forward to connecting with intentional listeners who seek out her stories and music. Building a show that reflects her aesthetic and love for storytelling is a priority for her.

Crossing off the Bucket List

Carly Pearce has already accomplished some major career milestones, such as performing at the Opry and winning Female Vocalist of the Year. When asked about her next big goal, she jokingly mentions Album of the Year. However, it’s evident that her ultimate satisfaction lies in creating music that resonates with people and brings them together. The genuine emotional response she witnessed during her Female Vocalist of the Year win was a testament to the impact her music has on others. Carly is humbled by the support and love she receives and remains focused on continuing to connect with her audience.

The Future: Duets and Personal Fitness

Looking ahead, Carly Pearce is open to the idea of collaborating on duets with other artists. She expresses her desire to sing with Brothers Osborne, particularly with TJ. Carly appreciates their talent and would love to join forces with them in the future. As for personal interests, Carly Pearce is an avid.