Discord CEO Net Worth: Exploring Jason Citron’s Success in Tech


In this article, we delve into the net worth and career journey of Jason Citron, the CEO of Discord—a renowned chat platform that has gained immense popularity, especially within the gaming community. Join us as we explore Citron’s accomplishments, financial standing, and his path from being an avid gamer to becoming a prominent figure in the tech industry.

Jason Citron: A Brief Overview

Jason Citron, along with Stanislav Vishnevsky, is the mastermind behind Discord—an innovative communication platform established in 2015. While Discord has expanded beyond gaming and attracted millions of users from various backgrounds, it remains particularly popular within the gaming niche. In this article, we aim to uncover the details of Citron’s current net worth and his continued ownership of Discord.

Jason Citron’s Net Worth

While Jason Citron’s exact net worth remains undisclosed due to the private nature of the company, unverified online sources speculate it to be around $3 million. However, without public access to his financial information, these figures cannot be confirmed. Nevertheless, according to Comparably, the highest-compensated executive at Discord reportedly earns an annual salary of $427,000.

Early Life and Passion for Technology

Before gaining recognition as the creator of Discord, Jason Citron possessed an immense love for technology and entrepreneurship from a young age. In an interview with Medium, Citron shared that his father played a pivotal role in introducing him to the world of tech. By the time he turned 13, Citron had already self-taught himself QBASIC, developed a video game, and even attended a computer programming class. While his family’s tech background primarily focused on business rather than gaming, Citron’s interest gravitated towards the latter.

Citron’s grandfather, whose name remains undisclosed, ran an electricity consultation business dating back to the early 1900s. It was this very grandfather who provided Citron with his first computer, further fueling his passion for technology. At a young age, Citron realized that people were willing to pay him for his computer expertise, prompting him to venture into entrepreneurship. He reminisces, “I was 13 or 14 at the time and had realized that not only did I know a lot about computers, but also that ‘older people were willing to pay me to explain how computers worked or to fix what I knew were simple things for them.'”

Citron’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to set up his first bank account, thanks to individuals who paid him for website coding projects. Even before graduating from Full Sail University and relocating to San Francisco, Citron had already made strides in the gaming industry. During this time, he connected with influential individuals who eventually assisted him in launching his very own video game series called Aurora Feint.

The Journey from Aurora Feint to Discord

In 2008, together with Danielle Cassley, Citron released a single-player game for iOS. Subsequently, in the same year, Aurora Feint II hit the market as a multiplayer game. Additionally, Citron established Open Feint in 2009—a platform for mobile games on Android and iOS devices. In 2011, the Japanese mobile game company GREE acquired Open Feint for a staggering $104 million, although its operations were ceased in 2012. It was during this time that Citron recognized the need for a communication platform that could bridge the gap within the gaming community, leading to the inception of Discord.

Discord’s Success and Popularity

Discord gained significant traction due to its availability as a browser-based platform, which made it incredibly accessible to users. The simplicity of creating group chats or “servers,” as Discord refers to them, further contributed to its widespread adoption. Discord offers a wide range of features, including messaging, voice calls, and voice chats, making it a versatile communication tool. Since its establishment in 2015, Discord has experienced steady revenue growth, with its earnings increasing from $5 million in its early years to an impressive $130 million in 2020. By 2021, Discord had reached a valuation of $7 billion, firmly establishing its position as a leading platform in the gaming industry.

Every day, over 850 million messages are exchanged on Discord, highlighting its immense popularity among its rapidly expanding user base. As of 2022, Discord boasts 150 million monthly active users, with an astonishing 960 million messages being sent daily on the platform. In the United States, Discord currently ranks as the fourth most popular platform among gamers. Throughout this journey, Jason Citron has remained at the helm as Discord’s CEO, ensuring its continuous growth and success. Assisting him in leading the company are Tomasz Marcinkowski, serving as the CFO, and Stanislav Vishnevskiy, the CTO and co-founder.


Jason Citron’s remarkable rise from a tech enthusiast with a passion for gaming to becoming the CEO of Discord is a testament to his drive, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit. While the exact figures of Citron’s net worth remain undisclosed, his contributions to the tech industry and the gaming community have undoubtedly made a significant impact. With Discord’s continued popularity and growth, Citron’s influence in the realm of communication platforms shows no signs of waning. As the CEO of Discord, he continues to spearhead the company’s endeavors, cementing its position as a leading hub for communication and collaboration within the gaming world and beyond.