Druski Net Worth 2023: A Comedian and Social Media Star



Drew Dawit Desbordes, or better known as Druski2Funny, has become a household name among the younger generation as a comedian, social media influencer, and Instagram sensation. Born and raised in Maryland, United States, Druski2Funny has certainly come a long way since uploading sketches and movies to his Instagram account. His hard work and dedication have paid off, as his net worth is now estimated to be around $0.5 million as of 2023.

Druski2Funny Net Worth Growth in the Last 5 Years


Druski2Funny’s net worth has experienced steady growth since his debut on social media. According to sources, his net worth was around $400,000 in 2022 and has risen to $500,000 in 2023. This increase in net worth is due to his ability to stay relevant and appeal to the younger audience through his content and collaborations in the entertainment industry.

Early Life

Born on September 12, 1994, Druski2Funny is of African American descent but has not shared personal information about his family background. However, he has always been passionate about comedy since childhood, keeping his followers laughing and entertained on his social media platforms.

Personal Life


Druski2Funny has been romantically linked with high-profile celebrities such as Cara Delevingne, Rihanna, and Kendall Jenner, but is currently not married and focused on promoting social causes important to him. Druski2Funny frequently uses his platform to promote social causes like police brutality against African Americans and voting rights.


Druski2Funny first gained prominence by sharing humorous videos on his Instagram account. His unique and hilarious content quickly gained him millions of followers, making him one of the most popular comedians and social media influencers of the younger generation. His career reached new heights as he started to collaborate with other comedians, actors, and musicians, leading to his cameo appearance in Lil Yachty’s song “Oprah’s Bank Account.” Druski2Funny was also featured in Drake and Lil Durk’s “Laugh Now Cry Later” music video, which gained massive popularity on YouTube, leading to further fame and fortune for the rising star.


Awards and Achievements

Druski2Funny has won various awards and nominations throughout his career, including two Grammy Awards in 2020 for Best Rap Album and Best Rap Performance. In addition, he has received numerous MTV Video Music Awards and BET Awards, making him one of the most awarded social media influencers of his time.

Social Media Presence

Druski2Funny’s social media following and influence are immense, with 5.6 million followers on Instagram, over a million on Twitter, 156k on Facebook, and more than half a million subscribers on YouTube. His hilarious and unique content has made him an online sensation, and his influence is only growing.

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In conclusion, Druski2Funny is a notable name in the entertainment industry, and his journey as a comedian, social media influencer, and Instagram star is a testament to hard work and dedication. He has built a vast online community, and his unique style and influence have made him a popular icon among younger people. His net worth and influence will surely continue to grow as he continues to create hilarious and entertaining content for his followers and fans.

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