How to Change Battery in Nissan Key Fob: A 6-Step Guide

Are you having trouble figuring out how to change the battery in your Nissan key fob? Fear not, we have a simple 6-step guide that will show you exactly how to do it. The following guide will help you to maintain the power supply to your key fob, ensuring that it functions properly and smoothly.

Why Is It Important to Change the Nissan Key Fob Battery?

The Nissan key fob, known as the Intelligent Key, is a crucial component of your vehicle’s everyday operation. It is used to open and lock the doors, start the car and even manage certain security functions. Therefore, it’s essential to keep the key fob battery supplied with power. Fortunately, modern Nissan key fobs are designed with a flashing light on the casing that warns you when the battery needs changing. If the light stops flashing, it means the battery needs replacing.

How to Change the Nissan Key Fob Battery: A 6-Step Guide

Step 1: Release the Mechanical Key

The first step is to release the stored mechanical key from the back of the key fob. Locate the catch on the back and pull it down to release the mechanical key from its position.

Step 2: Pry Open the Fob into Two Parts

Next, you need to open the casing of the key fob into two parts. At the top end of the fob, you’ll see two small slits. Insert a small flat-head screwdriver into these slits and turn it clockwise to safely and evenly open the casing. You should then be able to pull the fob into two halves.

Step 3: Remove the Old Battery

The battery is a round Panasonic 3-volt CR 2032 battery that you will see in one half of the key fob. Use a small flat-head screwdriver to pop the battery out safely. There is a small gap under the battery that is perfect for this purpose.

Step 4: Install the New Battery

Take your new CR 2032 battery and place it with the writing on the battery facing downward. Slide it in from the side towards the spring that you can see in the casing. Push the battery towards the spring and ensure that it clicks properly into place.

Step 5: Replace Key Fob Housing

The next step is to put the two pieces of the key fob casing back together. Align the two halves of the fob and press them together. You should hear a satisfying click that indicates they are locked in place.

Step 6: Replace the Mechanical Key

Finally, replace the mechanical key back into the key fob. Insert it into the slot until it clicks into place. Once this is done, your Nissan key fob is ready to use again.

Background: What Functions Are On a Nissan Key Fob?

Nissan has used a similar 4- or 5-button key fob called the Intelligent Key for several years now. The 4-button key fob locks and unlocks the car, opens the trunk, and includes a panic alarm. The newer generation added a remote start button, bringing the total to 5 buttons. They also introduced a blinking light that indicates the battery is working and power is flowing in the key fob. The effective range of these keyless features is about 2.5 feet.


Changing the battery in your Nissan key fob is a quick and simple process that requires no special skills or tools. Following the above 6-step guide will ensure that your key fob is supplied with power, allowing it to function smoothly and properly. With this guide, you’ll be able to save time and money by changing the battery yourself.