The Success Story of Liver King’s $12M Net Worth


Liver King, the renowned social media influencer who advocates for the consumption of raw liver, has achieved a reported net worth of $12 million. However, his wealth isn’t solely derived from his unconventional diet. This article explores Liver King’s success in the supplements industry, his ventures in real estate, and his endorsements.

Liver King’s Early Life and Ancestral Lifestyle Journey

Liver King, born Brian Johnson on April 7, 1977, in San Antonio, Texas, faced significant bullying during his childhood. He attended Texas Tech University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in applied science in biochemistry in 2000. Despite initially pursuing a career in medicine, Johnson eventually dropped out of medical school and found employment at a pharmaceutical company.

Johnson, a lifelong fitness enthusiast, had the opportunity to explore more expensive sports, such as snowboarding, due to his high-paying job in the pharmaceutical industry. It was during this time that he met his future wife, Barbara, known as the Liver Queen. However, his Instagram career as Liver King had not yet begun.

Liver King’s Financial Success: Multiple Revenue Streams

After marrying Barbara, Liver King and his wife established a vertically integrated dentistry practice, which they later sold. Following their successful venture in dentistry, the Johnsons transitioned to full-time selling nutritional supplements and engaging in social media influencing.

The foundation of their businesses lies in the philosophy of “Ancestral Living,” which promotes a lifestyle inspired by the practices of early human ancestors. This includes a paleo diet comprising raw meat, bone marrow, and animal liver, as well as pushing the human body to its limits.

Brian Johnson generates most of his income from social media endorsement deals and his businesses. By sharing his food and exercise routine, he attracts new followers and supporters. Liver King’s net worth primarily comes from his ancestral lifestyle supplement brand. Additionally, he earns money from the fitness sector as a sponsored bodybuilder, promoting brands and products on his social media platforms.

Over the past few years, Johnson’s wealth has grown exponentially, with his annual income in 2022 surpassing his net worth from 2018.

Liver King’s Investments: Startups and Real Estate

Liver King demonstrates astute investment strategies in various fields.


Liver King holds stakes in four supplement brands, each generating annual revenues exceeding $1 million. Additionally, he claims involvement in 10 to 12 undisclosed projects.

Real Estate

Brian Johnson and his family reside in an 8,300-square-foot Spanish-style mansion in Austin, Texas, which is estimated to be worth around $4 million. He also owns Liver Ranch, located in and around Austin, consisting of a pool, pond, and space for livestock. The ranch includes three houses and a garage and is estimated to be valued at approximately $1 million.

Liver King’s investment portfolio primarily comprises private companies and residential properties. The historical performance of his real estate investments has been impressive, with residential properties outperforming other asset classes like farmland, gold, and the S&P index.

Liver King’s Investment Philosophy

Liver King advocates for natural investments aligned with his personal beliefs. He emphasizes the importance of fully committing to investment decisions, asserting that half-hearted attempts yield subpar results. He encourages individuals to embrace a vibrant, natural lifestyle and suggests owning all parts of a supply chain for the best investment outcomes.

Conclusion: Liver King’s Brand Impact

The recent revelation of Liver King’s admission to using steroids has created uncertainty regarding the impact on his brand. This confession, shared in a YouTube video titled “Liver King Confession… I Lied,” followed leaked emails disclosing his consumption of the growth hormone Omnit.