MASTER P's ex-wife SONYA MILLER Speaks Out About Messy Divorce!

MASTER P’s ex-wife SONYA MILLER Speaks Out About Messy Divorce!

Miss Sonya Miller, is the ex-wife of Percy Miller, also known as the rap music mogul Master P. Today, Sonya will be speaking exclusively for the first time about her life, her marriage, and unfortunately, the messy divorce from Master P.

Background and Early Life

Sonya Miller, also known as Sonja C. Miller, was born and raised in New Orleans. From a young age, she had a passion for rap music and entrepreneurship. Sonya had been involved in the rap industry since high school and had businesses of her own.

The Rise of No Limit Records

No Limit Records, the renowned rap label, originated from a record store called Mama’s and evolved into a successful record label. Sonya Miller played a significant role in No Limit Records as the first lady of the label. She contributed to the label’s growth and success, working alongside Master P in building the empire.

Sonya’s Love for Hip-Hop

Sonya fell in love with hip-hop during her high school years. She was known for her rap skills and pursued her passion for music. Before meeting Master P, Sonya had already released her own rap projects, including an album titled “Married to the Mob Boss.” Although her music didn’t receive extensive radio play, Sonya continued to explore her artistry.

Meeting Master P and Their Marriage

Sonya and Master P, both hailing from New Orleans, met during their high school years. Their paths crossed at a nightclub, and they instantly connected. Their love story began, and they eventually got married. They were together for over 20 years and had seven children.

Challenges Faced During the Marriage

Being married to a rap mogul like Master P brought its own set of challenges. Sonya had to navigate the music industry, dealing with groupies and the pressures that come with such a lifestyle. While she acknowledged the existence of temptations and one instance of infidelity, Sonya maintained her love and respect for her husband.

The Messy Divorce

The divorce between Sonya and Master P was a complex and emotional process. After years of marriage, Master P walked out on Sonya, leaving her heartbroken. Despite hoping for reconciliation, Sonya made the difficult decision to seek a divorce to protect herself and her children.

The Impact on Their Children

The divorce took a toll on their children, causing initial difficulties and emotional pain. Sonya, as a dedicated mother, felt the weight of separation from her kids. However, over time, the children adjusted, and their relationships with both parents evolved. Sonya emphasized the importance of a balanced and supportive environment for their children’s well-being.

Clarifying Misinformation

Throughout the divorce process, there were rumors and misinformation circulating in the media. Sonya wanted to set the record straight and clarify several false claims made about her. She denied any involvement with drugs or the destruction of her family. Sonya asserted that she has always been a devoted mother, providing love and support to her children.

The Future and Co-Parenting

Currently, Sonya is focused on moving forward and maintaining a healthy co-parenting relationship with Master P. She expressed her love for her children, emphasizing that they are her priority. Sonya aims to create a positive environment for her kids, enabling them to pursue their dreams and aspirations.


Sonya Miller’s story sheds light on the challenges she faced as the ex-wife of Master P and her journey through a messy divorce. Despite the difficulties, Sonya remains resilient and committed to providing a loving and supportive environment for her children. Her determination to set the record straight and move forward is an inspiration to many who face similar struggles.