Meet David Bromstad Twin Brother


David Bromstad is a well-known American TV personality with a family that includes three older siblings. However, there are many rumors about him having a twin brother. In this article, we will explore the truth about David’s siblings and put an end to the speculation about his alleged twin.

David Bromstad’s Family


David Bromstad was born in 1973 in Cokato, Minnesota, as the youngest of four children. His parents, Diane Marlys Bromstad (née Krueger) and Richard Harold David Bromstad, raised David and his three older siblings to cherish family values and relationships.

The Bromstads come from mixed ethnic backgrounds that include Swedish, German, and Norwegian roots. David’s siblings include Dean Richard Bromstad, Dynelle Renee Bromstad, and Dyonne Rachael Bromstad.

David’s Siblings


Dean Richard Bromstad

Dean Richard Bromstad is David’s brother and the only male among his siblings. Although some may believe that Dean is David’s twin, that is not the case. David and Dean share a close brotherly bond and physical resemblance, but they were not born at the same time. Unfortunately, there is little information available about Dean, and he has yet to make a public appearance on David’s social media accounts.

Dynelle Renee Bromstad

Dynelle Renee Bromstad is David’s older sister, and like her brother and other sibling Dyonne Rachael Bromstad, little is known about her personal life, including her profession and age. Dynelle has worked with David on various television projects, and their joint venture Dragonfly Designs is well-known in the design industry.

Dyonne Rachael Bromstad

Dyonne Rachael Bromstad is David’s other sister, born in Minnesota, and raised in a home filled with love and happiness. David and Dyonne share a close bond, and she remains private about her personal life, including her career and family details.

The Truth about David Bromstad’s Twin Brother

Despite rumors that David has a twin brother, the truth is that he does not. He has only one brother, as we have seen, and while he and Dean share many physical similarities, they were not born at the same time.

David Bromstad’s Love Life


David Bromstad is proudly gay and has been in a high-profile relationship before. He was with Jeffrey Glasko, who later became the Chief Operating Officer of David Bromstad LLC, for over ten years before they went their separate ways. Bromstad has yet to start his own family and has not shared his intentions about having children.


David Bromstad is a well-known figure in American television, and his family plays a crucial role in his life. While rumors of a twin brother persist, the truth is that David has only one brother and three older sisters. The Bromstad siblings share a strong bond of love and respect for each other, with a family background that includes Swedish, German, and Norwegian origins. As David’s career continues to thrive, his family’s support remains an important part of his life.