Mike Howe’s Net Worth: A Look at Metal Church Singer’s Financial Success

If you are unfamiliar with the news, it’s time to catch up. On July 26, 2021, the music industry mourned the loss of Mike Howe, the renowned lead singer of Metal Church. The band’s “farewell” Facebook post confirmed the unfortunate news. When a celebrity passes away, aside from the cause of death, people are naturally curious about their financial standing at the time of their demise. To gain insight into this aspect, let’s delve into Howe’s journey in the industry.

Howe’s Journey in the Music Industry

Mike Howe joined Metal Church in 1988, as reported by the New York Daily News, and played a significant role in the band until their unfortunate breakup in 1996. Although Metal Church reunited in 1998, Howe pursued other ventures and did not rejoin the group. However, in 2015, he made a triumphant return to Metal Church. Prior to joining the band, Howe had been part of two other groups, Snair and Heretic. Nevertheless, it was during his time with Metal Church that he left an indelible mark on the thrash metal genre. Metal enthusiasts will attest to his profound influence. With such contributions to the metal world, one might wonder if Howe accumulated substantial wealth over the years. Let’s explore that aspect.

Unveiling Mike Howe’s Net Worth


Though Mike Howe didn’t start his journey with Metal Church, Loudwire states that he made valuable contributions to five of their albums throughout his career: “Hanging in the Balance,” “Blessing in Disguise,” “XI,” “Damned If You Do,” and “The Human Factor.” Among these, only “Blessing in Disguise” and “XI” managed to reach the Billboard 100. Consequently, it is unlikely that album sales alone made him as wealthy as iconic frontmen like Ozzy Osbourne or James Hetfield of Metallica. However, this doesn’t imply that he was in a financially precarious situation.

During his nearly decade-long hiatus from music, Howe pursued a career in carpentry, dedicating his time away from touring to his family—a commendable choice. Judging by his extended break and his carpentry skills, it can be inferred that he found success in that field as well. Height Zone estimates that at the time of his passing, the Metal Church frontman’s net worth amounted to approximately $1.5 million. While this figure may not rival the fortunes amassed by the industry’s biggest superstars, it undoubtedly surpasses the financial status of most individuals. However, it is important to note that Howe’s impact on the metal world cannot be measured in monetary terms alone. For that, we express our gratitude.

In conclusion, Mike Howe’s net worth was a testament to his accomplishments in the music industry and his ability to balance his passions with family life. While his financial success may not have reached astronomical heights, his profound influence on the metal genre remains immeasurable.