Patrick Beverley Net Worth 2023: A Comprehensive Look at the NBA Player’s Success


Welcome to an in-depth exploration of Patrick Beverley’s net worth in 2023. In this article, we will delve into the remarkable journey of this talented American professional basketball player, known for his tenacity and defensive prowess. Join us as we uncover the secrets behind Beverley’s success and provide insights into his biography, career, assets, and social media presence.

Patrick Beverley: An Overview

  • Full Name: Patrick Beverley
  • Date of Birth: July 12, 1988
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 1.85m (6′ 1″)
  • Weight: 82 Kg or 180 lbs
  • Profession: NBA Player
  • Nationality: American
  • Age: 34 Years

Patrick Beverley’s Net Worth

As of 2023, Patrick Beverley’s net worth is estimated to be an impressive $16 million. This substantial wealth is a testament to his successful basketball career and the lucrative contracts he has secured over the years. Known for his defensive skills and unwavering determination, Beverley has become an inspiration to aspiring basketball players worldwide.

Patrick Beverley Biography

Patrick Beverley was born on July 12, 1988, in Chicago, Illinois. Raised by his mother Lisa Beverley and his grandmother, he developed a passion for sports from an early age. Despite receiving multiple athletic scholarships for college football, Beverley chose to focus on basketball. He attended the University of Arkansas, where he played collegiate ball for two years before declaring for the 2009 NBA Draft.

Patrick Beverley’s Career

Throughout his professional career, Patrick Beverley has established himself as one of the top basketball players in the NBA. He began his journey with the Miami Heat and has since played for several teams, including the Los Angeles Clippers. Known for his defensive prowess and leadership on the court, Beverley has garnered numerous accolades, including All-Defensive Team honors.

Patrick Beverley’s Net Worth Growth

Patrick Beverley’s net worth has experienced steady growth over the years, reflecting his increasing success and market value. Here is a snapshot of his net worth progression:

  • Net Worth in 2023: $16 Million
  • Net Worth in 2022: $15 Million
  • Net Worth in 2021: $14 Million
  • Net Worth in 2020: $13 Million
  • Net Worth in 2019: $12 Million
  • Net Worth in 2018: $11 Million

Patrick Beverley’s Assets

Over his decade-long career, Patrick Beverley has accumulated significant assets and earnings. His lucrative contracts with various NBA teams, including the Clippers, have contributed to his impressive net worth. Additionally, Beverley has secured endorsement deals with renowned brands such as Adidas and New Era Cap Co, further bolstering his financial standing.


Patrick Beverley’s impressive net worth of $16 million highlights his successful career as an NBA player. His relentless defensive skills and unwavering dedication have earned him recognition and respect within the basketball community. As a multi-time All-Star and Defensive Player of the Year, Beverley has solidified his place among the elite players in the league. With his career earnings approaching $50 million, he stands as a testament to the rewards of hard work and passion in the world of professional basketball.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Patrick Beverley’s net worth? A: Patrick Beverley’s estimated net worth is around $16 million.

Q: How old is Patrick Beverley? A: Patrick Beverley is currently 34 years old, born on July 12, 1988.

Q: What is Patrick Beverley’s annual salary? A: Patrick Beverley earns an estimated salary of $1 million per year.

Q: What is Patrick Beverley’s height? A: Patrick Beverley stands at a height of 1.85m (6′ 1″).