Scheana Shay’s Net Worth: Beyond Reality TV Fame


In this article, we explore the multifaceted sources of income that contribute to Scheana Shay’s impressive net worth. Over the past decade, Scheana has gained recognition through her appearances on reality television, but her financial success extends beyond this realm. Let’s delve into the various endeavors that have propelled Scheana Shay’s net worth to new heights.

Scheana Shay’s Net Worth

As of February 2023, Scheana Shay’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $500,000 per year, according to Celebrity Net Worth. While her prominence stems from her involvement in all 10 seasons of Vanderpump Rules, Scheana has diversified her income streams through her ventures in acting, singing, and more.

Acting Career

After earning her journalism degree in 2006, Scheana embarked on an acting career that included notable television appearances. She made her debut with an uncredited role in the TV series Greek, followed by a memorable appearance as Maria, the Jonas Brothers’ shared crush, in the “Pizza Girl” episode of Disney Channel’s Jonas. Scheana also portrayed Patrice, a character for whom Tori served as a stunt double, in the Victorious episode “Beck Falls for Tori.” Her acting repertoire expanded to include adult-themed shows like 90210 and Femme Fatales, where she played Angel Tomlin in three episodes of the anthology series.

In addition to her television work, Scheana had brief appearances in movies. In the 2006 short film Jaded, she portrayed Amanda, and she had an uncredited role in the 2012 film Wedding Day. In 2015, she took on the role of Maria in the film Mouthpiece.

Singing Career

Scheana Shay’s talents extend beyond acting, as she has ventured into the dance-pop music genre. Some of her notable singles include “What I Like,” “Good as Gold,” and “Better Without You.” While her singing career brings her creative fulfillment, it generates relatively less income compared to her endeavors in reality television.

Podcast Hosting

With a podcast titled “Scheananigans with Scheana Shay,” the reality star has found another avenue to engage with her devoted fans. Each week, she hosts the podcast, where she interviews fellow Vanderpump Rules cast members and other reality stars such as Heidi D’Amelio, Caroline Stanbury, and Dolores Catania. Despite being a relatively minor source of income, the podcast allows Scheana to connect with her audience on a more personal level.

Viva Verano Lash Line

In June 2022, Scheana Shay expanded her entrepreneurial pursuits by launching her own lash line, Viva Verano. Alongside her acting, reality TV career, singing, and podcast hosting, this venture adds to her diverse portfolio of income streams.


Scheana Shay’s net worth is a testament to her ability to diversify her revenue sources beyond the realm of reality television. Through her acting career, singing endeavors, podcast hosting, and entrepreneurial ventures like the Viva Verano lash line, she has established herself as a multifaceted entrepreneur. As Scheana continues to explore new opportunities, her financial success is likely to grow further, cementing her status as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.