Too Short Net Worth in 2023

As of 2023, the famous American rapper and record producer, Too Short, has a net worth of $5 million dollars. Born on 28 April 1966, the 56-year-old artist has made a significant impact in the realm of rap music.

Too Short’s net worth is largely attributed to his success as an American rapper and record producer. He has released several albums throughout his career, including his fourth album “Life Is…Too Short,” which was a massive commercial success, selling over three million copies worldwide. As his reputation and influence grew, Too Short often lent his talents to other artists, contributing to the development of their careers. He has produced and collaborated with numerous artists such as 2Pac, The Notorious B.I.G., and Jay-Z, to name a few.

Personal Details

Full Name: Todd Anthony Shaw Profession: American Rapper and Record Producer Date of Birth: 28 April 1966 Age: 56 years old Height: 170 cm Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, United States Gender: Male Weight: 80 kg (176 lbs) Nationality: American


Too Short’s Biography

Todd Anthony Shaw was born on April 28, 1966, in Los Angeles, California. He spent a significant amount of his early years in the East Oakland area of California. In 1983, he released his first-ever album, “Don’t Stop Rappin’,” which consisted of several tracks that propelled him to fame in the world of rap music.

Apart from his successful music career, Too Short has also dabbled in acting, having appeared in films such as “Menace II Society” and “American Pimp.”


Ethnicity and Nationality

According to recent research, Too Short is an individual of Black ethnicity, born in Los Angeles, California, United States. As per recent research reports, Too Short is an American. Ethnicity pertains to a person’s cultural identity, which includes their race, national origin, and shared cultural heritage. Nationality denotes the legal association between an individual and a nation-state.

Achievements and Awards

Throughout his illustrious career, Too Short has accomplished numerous achievements and won several accolades. Several of his albums have achieved platinum or gold status. In 2007, he was inducted into the VH1 Hip Hop Honors for his contributions to West Coast hip-hop. Additionally, Too Short has been nominated for several Grammy Awards and has received multiple BET Awards nominations. In 2019, he was honored with the “I Am Hip Hop” Award at the BET Hip Hop Awards in recognition of his lasting impact on the rap industry.



Too Short is a celebrated American rapper and record producer with an estimated net worth of $5 million dollars as of 2023. His success in the world of rap music has earned him numerous accolades and has cemented his legacy as an iconic figure in the industry. With his musical talents and influence, Too Short has undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the realm of rap music.